Inaccurate transpositions.

When using numbers, always compare the printed copy numbers with the numbers in the original source.


This is the original information in notes (not a draft of the contract):

Lease date, January 2000. Landlord is Jay Johnson, address 413 Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92805-5906. Tenant is Terry Clark, address 3462 West First St., Santa Ana, CA 92703-3426. Rent, $1000 due January 1, 2000.


Errors in computations.

Documents may contain figures that have been computed. Use your calculator to check the math.

Errors in listed items.

Errors often occur in listed items. Check to be sure that numbered items are in the correct sequence and that all of the numbers that should be in the sequence are represented.


Errors in figures and tables.

Check all lists of figures to be sure they are true to the original. Where the text contains mathematical calculations, check them to be sure they are accurate. Even if the calculations came from a spreadsheet, check a sample of the figures using a calculator to be sure they are accurate. Spreadsheets are accurate, but the author may have inserted mathematical figuring that is inaccurate.